Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zettai Hobby have a physical store?

We are a fully online store operating in Singapore.


What are Zettai Hobby’s operating hours?

We do not have any set operating hours but rest assured, we will respond as soon as able, usually within one business day.


What is the currency used for this site?

We primarily use Singapore dollars but also accept US dollars and Japanese Yen.


How do I start buying with Zettai Hobby?

Through three simple steps!

Step 1: Register an account here.

Step 2: Start shopping!

Step 3: Complete your purchase via PayNow if you are from Singapore, or PayPal if you are from a country other than Singapore.


How does pre-ordering work?

Manufacturers usually announce products several months before release. Once a product is ready for pre-order, we list it on our site with the manufacturer's deadline to place an order. This system allows manufacturers to more accurately estimate how many pieces to make.


Sometimes there are delays in manufacturing and shipping. We do our best to reduce this delay by shipping your order to you as soon as possible.


Can I arrange to meet up and collect my purchases?

Our preferred method is via courier for local purchases and postage for international customers. Face-to-face meetups can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


Do you ship to other countries?

Yes! Total shipping charges will be calculated after full payment has been made and based on prevailing postage rates. Please do get in touch with us should you require to customise your shipping arrangement.


Can I cancel my pre-order? What will happen to my deposit?

While we understand that people do change their minds, we would strongly recommend reconsidering as your deposit will also have to be forfeited. This is due to the fact that we do not keep stock and we only order on a confirmed order basis.


What is the return policy for Zettai Hobby?

Returns will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Manufacturer defects such as paint misapplication, packaging damage are unfortunately out of our control and we are unable to assist.


What happens if I do not collect my item?

Once an item reaches us, we will contact you as soon as possible so that it can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

If you have already paid in full (inclusive of shipping), we will hold your item for up to one month. If you have only paid the deposit, kindly arrange for full payment (plus shipping) immediately as we will only hold the item for you for up to one week.

The exception is for Kuji items where we understand that buyers usually prefer to accumulate their prizes over separate Kujis before arranging for shipping. Shipping will be calculated upon request.


Can I choose to compile my orders before shipping?

Yes! We do have a virtual warehouse so that you can choose which in stock products you want to ship first to get the best out of shipping fees.


Can I get an estimate on shipping charges?

We usually calculate shipping once we receive the item as then we would know the actual dimensions and weight of the item. Shipping estimates before a product is launched can still be done using information given by the manufacturer, but may not be as accurate.


The packaging of my figures is very important to me. What can you do to protect the packaging during shipping?

Our default approach to shipping is to use adequate material to protect the product, followed by working with a shipper that is both reliable and offers the best price. This gives our buyers peace of mind and keeps shipping charges low. However, there is still a chance of damage to product packaging especially for overseas shipments. As this is something beyond our control, we are regrettably unable to entertain requests for compensation for product packaging damage.

For requests to prioritize product packaging, we will add many more layers of packaging material and even use a larger box if required. This however usually leads to much higher shipping rates. While it does not guarantee that the product packaging will not be damaged, it minimizes the risk.

Do let us know if you require additional packing for your purchases.


Do you do wholesale and dropshipping?

Yes we do! Do contact us through our email for more information.


I have a different question than those listed above!

We can also be reached at:

Facebook -

Telegram -  +65 9649 4149 or this link

WhatsApp -  +65 9649 4149

You may also use the chat function on the lower right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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